How to improve your dating chances on Tinder?

I downloaded Tinder yesterday because I was bored but in only a day I feel like it has such unrealistic expectations to get a date. Below is what I have in my profile:

- My profile picture is just a professional picture of me in a suit (perhaps I need more pics?)

About me:
-6ft (everyone has this on heir profile but not sure why it matters)
- Finished school, I am a CPA and work as a Treasury Accountant
- I'm learning to play the guitar

is there anything else I need to add? I mean i know some people say I "love" adventures but that seems so cliche because who doesn't like adventures but ya any other tips you could give?



What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely add a couple more pictures, preferably candid, non-selfie ones.

    If you can think of something funny to throw in, I'd do that. A lot of guys keep it short and funny. You can look up ideas on google images for inspiration.


What Guys Said 2

  • most importantly, smile in your pictures.. or at least your main one. the difference is night and day.

  • Need abs, Muscles, good pictures

    • sounds good I do hit the gym; however i do need to eat better to get a 6 pack going

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