Is It wrong to check out or flirt with other people while dating/married?

  • Yes it is wrong for both
  • Yes it is wrong to flirt
  • Yes it is wrong to check out
  • No - Its perfectly fine to check out and flirt
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm lively, forward, and, often, "flirtatious" with random strangers.
    Having grown up with four rowdy and bawdy brothers -- with no sisters or mother to "civilize" us -- I'll totally hang sexual innuendoes on random conversations, just as a device to relieve boredom (and to see what kinds of faces I can get guys to make, lol).

    I've always been that way, and, frankly, I've never given a fuck. It's fun. It adds a spring to my step and a little sunshine to my day.
    I can also read people well enough to sense "sketch factor" and danger at a distance of 500 yards, so, the odds that I'll get myself into trouble are slim to none.

    So what's my point?

    My point is this:
    What WOULD be "temptation" for other women -- women who've constantly been discouraged from random flirting and innuendoes and all that, and who've been taught to add a whole extra layer of "modesty" to their clothes AND their conduct -- just isn't, for me.
    It isn't temptation at all.
    It's just FUN.

    Whenever I've been "taken" -- including my awesome 15+ year marriage, now -- I can still go flirt up a storm, and have FUN, and absolutely not be tempted to stray at all.
    Not even a little bit.
    Because flirting has never been "forbidden fruit" in the first place.

    And if there's any sexual tension, I can bring all that shit home and take it out on my man.
    #fuckyeah ❤️


    As for checking out hot eye candy? Yeah, of course.

    Sometimes, I'll even just tell it how it is... "You're a beautiful man", or other comments like that. When I see, well, a beautiful man.
    A comment like that never ruined anyone's day. (:


Most Helpful Guy

  • flirting is not ok my book

    checking out... as in seeing an attractive person taking a look and then getting on with life is ok and not really something you can avoid.

    • What prevents you from looking away and not checking the girl out?

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    • I know you said that. Its the whole message you said that makes it seem like its more than a split second look.

    • "as in seeing an attractive person TAKING A LOOK and then getting on with life is ok and not really something you can avoid. "

      " it's like looking in the sun. you peak and then you look away "

      i feel i've been pretty consistent

What Girls Said 9

  • Its very very wrong and its disrespectful. If you love having a wandering eye, then you need to stay single. Yes, at times you notice attractive people. But if your lusting its a problem. I wouldn't want somebody who does that. I wouldn't even dare marry them. Because they will do the same thing after marriage. Their focus and attention needs to be on you. They need to make you feel secure and likewise to you. No person in their right mind wants to feel like their 2nd best or feel jealous or feel bad. A person is supposed to bring out the best in you, not your worse. Don't tolerate it from anybody. The more you tolerate it, the more you feel disrespected. If other people don't mind that, thats on them. They don't have a relationship in my eyes. But I don't want that done to me. Because I would never do that to somebody else. I have always been the target for onlookers in relationships where the guy will literally stare at me for no reason all while in front of their girlfriend. And guess who I get the angry looks from? The girls! I'm not doing anything. I'm to smiling at him. I don't even know him. I'm silent, and minding my business. Yet I get the dirty looks. :(

    So that's my reasoning for myself. That's why I hate attention from men in that way. I don't hate men, but I don't agree with it. Lets just say I had plenty of bad experiences where I hardly had guys respect me. Very rare I find that today.

  • as long as it stays innocent, it's a harmless ego-boost to its recipient. basically it tells my man he's still got it... but he's coming home with me, so eat your hearts out, ladies. :P (or vice versa)

    i'm friendly, but not naturally flirtatious (nor am i a people person), so forcing myself to act that way would be weird and unnatural. still, if someone leaves the sexual innuendo door even the slightest bit open, i'll come crashing through it like the kool-aid man lol.

  • All your answers are correct, you've got @redeyemindtricks who's totally for it because it's part of who she is, and the others saying it's wrong. There's no correct answer.
    It's wrong, if you've talked about it, and agreed that flirting isn't something you want each other doing. Because after that, you're betraying them.

    But if it's part of who you are, and you aren't just starting it out of nowhere (which is suspicious) and your partner doesn't mind, then no it's nothing wrong. It becomes wrong when you cross a line though. You just have to know where that line is for yourself and your partner.

    Me? I'm not comfortable with my SO flirting around, at least not currently, so we've talked about that. He says he doesn't care if I did it, but there's only really one person I want to flirt with anywho, but I'm a natural flirt so I probably do flirt still and not even realise it sometimes.

  • Yes, that signify you want someone else other than your partner.

  • Of course it's wrong, you should be committed to the person your with and not have eyes for anyone else

  • Sometimes you can't help to check out other people, what crosses the line for me at least is the obvious flirting.

  • If it's all lightheaded and Deffo not in front of your spouse then yeah it's not too bad I guess.

  • your dick won't stop being a dick even if you tell it not to

  • Check out very slyly only, and only when not with your partner. Flirting, not at all. Basically, don't do anything you wouldn't like your girl doing.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know about checking out but, no flirting