Why isn't he asking for sex?

I had sex with this guy I was dating about two weeks ago. It was great we had sex twice that night and again in the morning.

my issue is that we haven't hung out in two weeks.. He's been texting me everyday and asking me to go out and do things during the day but I'm either too busy with work (he asks last minute or on the day of) or he is. With other guys I've dated once we have had sex once they want it almost constantly why doesn't he just ask me to come over? He's said multiple times "when can I see you again" but it seems not actual plans follow through..

so is he just not into me?


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  • Men are very direct, he wants to see you. He is probably wondering if you aren't into him because of you being busy.

    • He's made a couple of jokes I thought about how much I work. Was he just indirectly hinting at something?

    • He wants to hang, and thinks you work a lot. Again, men are very direct

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  • He is into you. He probably thinks that you're not into him actually.

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