Could she like me?

Ok so im interested in this girl at uni and she came up and started to talk to me. I haven't been sure if she has been giving signs she likes me. She smiles when she sees me and tends to look in my direction when i'm around. Anyway, we were discussing about a friend of ours who can't read the signs that girls give when they like you. I'm not good at reading signs by the way. Anyhow, she said she was making fun of him and she finished the sentence with "not being able to read signs" and looks in my direction (we were both concentrating on other things). Was she hinting at something or am i over analysing? I'm pretty bad at this as you can tell?


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  • Dude she likes. You but she doesn't want to say it because she may feel anxious that you don't feel the same from what I have read it seems as if she's leaving some pretty big hints


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