What are the benefits of dating and eventually being in a relationship?

I don't see the appeal. It's expected of everyone but I have a lot of hobbies and interests to keep me occupied and happy and I honestly just don't see any appeal in dating or being in a relationship.


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  • Serial dater right here.
    The benefits of dating are fun and sex with someone new.

    I don't believe in monogamy so see no benefit/s of a relationship for myself personally.

    • So you just date them a few times, have sex with them and move on?

    • Some people I date for years, others I date for months only.

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  • I LOVE YOU!!! I thought I was the only one in this mindset


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  • Aside from the possibility of sex, and if you really want any kids of your own, I don't really think it really even matters at all anymore.

    If getting laid isn't your goal at all, then you don't really need a relationship or try to date anyone at all.

    • Can easily get laid in other ways.

    • Especially if you can afford it. And then there's shit tons of hook ups sites and apps these days.

    • Exactly.

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