If ur not really attracted to a guy, could the quality of girls he has make u jealous?

let's say all your life, u were this rich girls dating all the hot guys, and this certain guy couldn't talk to u, now when ur both adults he's dating supermodels and ur deciding if to go back with sam from high school or give the new guy at work a chance. Would u become interested in him?


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  • hm, interesting question. It all depends on the amount of self-esteem the girl has. If she gets jealous easily and desires to claim you to make the girls she's jealous of feel bad. Well, then you know what kind of person she is, an insecure bitch. Even though some girls do this subconsciously most girls will say "Eh didn't like him then, don't like him now. what's for lunch?" But in all honesty a guy should only consider a girl who likes him for who he was in that situation and high school regardless of who he dates. Because it's that feeling of "These chicks are out of his league, what is he up to/ what is it about him then?" curiosity

  • have lots of gfs isn't going to make me jealous more likely push me away and can you elaborate on the question

    • i mean, what if the guy gets himself in a good position in life and lets say he never had a girlfriend before then suddenly he began dating supermodels and now u hear he's single what would u do?

    • see if he want to date maybe if i like him

  • If I'm not interested in him, I wouldn't care who he was dating.

    • would think if the girl was like a 10 ? ok let's say ur boyfriend was latino and his girlfriend was latina but was a 10 how would u feel?

    • If my boyfriend had another girlfriend, he'd be cheating and that would be the end of our relationship on that basis alone.

      If you're talking about my guy friends who i think about in a platonic way, as long as that girl treats him well, it wouldn't bother me.

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