What should I do?

I have met a man about 10 months ago (online). I was 23 and he was 30. Before we met face to face it seemed we had a great connection, we constantly talked, messaged to each other, emailed constantly (he always made sure an email from him would be waiting for me in the morning, he knew I loved that). We finally met, he was astonished with my appearance and the way I looked, I could tell that chemistry between us was strong. We ended up in bed the first night we met, for some reason it felt natural since we spoke for awhile before.

At the time I lived with my ex (nothing sexual and hasn’t been for months, we were both tied up to the house we both bought) but I chose not to tell the new guy for the fear that he might end the communication or not pursue me anymore. We lived 1 hour away from each other and only had a chance to see each other maybe once a week. Sometimes when he was in my town on business, he wanted to get together but I was afraid I would be recognized (smaller town) so I came up with excuses. I always came to his town to see him. He made comments like “you do not want to be seen in public with me” (even though I always felt like he was the one who was afraid to be seen with me because he never asked to do anything.)

After awhile it felt like we were seeing each other to satisfy our cravings and curiosities. He was always busy and I did not want to chase him (even though I really liked him). I always got mixes signals from him, nothing certain, he cared but did not want anything serious, he was always holding him self back but then I was always secretive about my life and my circumstances.

Present: We still talk and sometimes meet but we seem to be worlds apart. We had seen each other recently and hung out, it felt like we did not even know each other anymore. We went back to his place and it felt like he did not want me there, I shortly left with only telling him good bye. A couple of days later I called him, our conversation was very brief and it seemed like he did not even want to talk to me. I was confused and then I asked him if it bothered him that I left, his answer was yes! We talked for a few minutes and everything turned out fine. We still talk and email each other but it seems empty. I really like this guy but am not sure where he stands…

Any advise?


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  • ask him.be straight with him and honest and open.ask him what he wants so you know where you stand.better to know than always wonder.

    • I have asked him but the only answer I get from him is that he does not know. Should I just stop seeing him?

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