What types of rejections have you dealt with?

I've seen them all over the place, it's actually kind of like a funny memorial in my mind now. I'm sure those in the dating scene have experienced a good amount of rejection, so we're in the same boat here. However, I would like to think we at least acted maturely in person. Behind doors, bawl your eyes out, jump in frustration, do whatever it takes to get it out of your mind.

On topic: The ones I've experienced the most (I blame this on my age where a lot of people are insecure about themselves) are on the lines of 'I don't know,' which is more annoying than telling a person straight up. I have gotten straight answers of 'No,' which saves a lot more time and is clear. The weirdest one I got was when a girl rejected me simply because I was "too tall for her." That took me off guard, but I actually laughed at that one.
What types of rejections have you dealt with?
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