Could you go on a date with someone who has no job?

  • Yes.
    67% (6)
  • Only if his/her parents have enough money.
    11% (1)
  • No.
    22% (2)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I know it's hard to apply for jobs especially when there are no vacants and you have to send multiple application forms. That isn't the right thing to judge someone whether you should date them or not


What Girls Said 1

  • If he is at least looking for a job, then yes. I dated a guy that didn't have a job and didn't look. Never again.

    • Is there a deadline for him being able to finally get a job? If he keeps looking?

    • As long as he is actually looking and not just saying he is, I'd try to still date him. I could probably try to help him. He can work with a temp agency to find some work for his resume as well.

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