How do you handle an angry ex who wants to talk? How do you stay classy instead of getting emotional?

My ex and I had a bad breakup. It's been a year since our break up but he continues to be immature and hurtful to me, especially in public. I recently joined a religious fellowship at my college for my own personal comfort and enjoyment. I forgot that he was a part of it. He saw me, looked, furious, and wanted to talk.

He wanted me to leave the fellowship. He told me he felt uncomfortable with me being there. I told him that I had made myself clear that once he decides not to be with me, there is no getting back together- we're done so he shouldn't feel uncomfortable since I wasn't there for him. I reminded him that he was clear on him not having feelings for me. I asked him why was he making such a big deal? It's not like I came there for him. I ignored him, didn't talk to him, and minded my own business. I'm not going to leave the fellowship because of him.

I really want to tell him off and tell him that he has ruined everything good I thought of him with his behavior (he's been emotionally abusive). I'm so angry but I don't want to get overtly emotionally and play into his games. I want to be the bigger person. So, how do you be the bigger person? How would you have handled this situation?


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  • It sounds as if you did pretty much every thing perfectly

  • Make no attempt to communicate with him. He won't care if you tell him off. He moved on and has likely forgot about you.


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  • Lol every time you said fellowship I thought of the Lord of the Rings. Anyway, here's a great idea... Don't talk to him! It's literally that easy. He's your ex. He's not your family, he's not your guardian, he's not your boyfriend, and he's not relevant. Just ignore his ass. He can't force you to leave the fellowship. He can't force you to talk to him. He can't legally force you to do anything so just fucking ignore his ass. If he says hi, then don't acknowledge him. If he gives you dirty looks then look away and start talking to someone else.

    • My friends keep telling me that I should continue to be friendly, just hear what he has to say and then shut him down. They said so that there isn't any guilt on my part, that I gave him every chance. Lol yeah it might as well be Lord of the Rings ><

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    • Thank you! You actually helped me a lot :)

    • You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. I wish you the best of luck!

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