I can't tell if my friend have feelings for me like I do with her?

i've been friends with this girl for years now and i've always had a crush on her. I was always too scared to ask her out and she moved onto a relationship so we just became really good friends. Over the years, we would text each other quite and times would go out to eat. Her boyfriend broke up with her just a year ago and she was devastated and i was there for her, but wanted to give her space and didn't want to look like i was just waiting the whole time. During the past year, she talked to two other guys and also broke her heart.

a few weeks ago, we hung over together with friends and later that night, as we left the club, she grabbed onto my arm and then moved her hand down to mines and locked her fingers between mines. We walked around like that for awhile and her friends seen. We didn't talk about it and pretty much left it alone.

Just over the weekend, we all hung out together for a get away with a bunch of friends. I made sure to be a little more flirtatious by wrapping my arm around her more throughout the day. It had a been a long day with the long drive there, some day activities and drinking among friends, she started getting sleepy so i decided to take her to bed. When we got to the room, i put her to bed and she asked where i was sleeping and i told her i didn't know yet. She told me to sleep here with her which i did. As we laid there i wrapped my arm around her and just spooned her. I didn't want to push things too far so i just moved my hands onto her hands and we slept. Well the party moved into our room and woke her up so she got up to hang out with them for 30 mins, but i was too tired then. She eventually came back down to the room and jumped back into bed with me back to the same position. We spooned the rest of the night and when morning came, we just acted like nothing happened.

I tried to ask her out via text a few days ago. It took a whole day to respond with im busy this weekend, which she truly is. what should i do now?


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  • She might actually be busy, but it doesn't seem like she put any effort into scheduling another time for the date. I think you should just be open about your feelings, and talk to her. Because what ever her intentions are you'll know them and won't have to play petty mind games.

    • she is. she has a really big work project due this Sunday and i totally understand that. What i'm worried about is her lack of scheduling another possibly time rather than a reply telling me she's busy and that she has another 12 hour work day today. I replied back telling her good luck with her project and that i still want to take her out to celebrate and put Monday since well be off that day. She hasn't replied back to that text either since last night. I'm starting to have doubts, but i feel like she made all the moves. I just don't know any girl who would make those kinds of moves and not be interested at all, but then again, i couldve been a little more aggressive and tried to kiss her.

    • She definitely does have feelings for you... But maybe she isn't sure about what she wants right now... If she doesn't respond to your text maybe just let it alone for a while. Because you can't MAKE anything happen. And yes she did make all the first moves, but you're the one who's making the first move to actually move your relationship in a different direction. Don't get too antsy with what she replys because she could be busy, or she might be dealing with stuff. The real question is, you've already waited for her, are you still willing to wait more time even if it might not come to anything?

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