Is okay to talk about your past, to a guy or a girl that you like?

I have seen this topic on Facebook, and a lot of people thought you shouldn't. I honestly think it's okay I mean I talked about my past to the guy I like and found out he relates to some of my problems and other things and now we have this connection and bond.

* Is it


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  • Before my boyfriend and I got together, we had no problem sharing our pasts. Neither of us have anything to hide and we've both moved on from our pasts so I don't see it as a problem at all. I think it's ok.

    • We were the same way, and it actually kind of helped us in a way. People always judge him, and it was like he was afraid to tell me things, so when he knew some things about my past, he was happy because I understood him. Talking about the past can actually help

    • Yes it definitely does help! It really helps you understand the other person more and I think that creates a real bond and connection between two people.

    • Yes exactly, It does! Everyone has a story that we don't know about and yes it's scary to talk about it but it feels so much better when they understand and relates and that's when you realize you have this special bond with each other.

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  • talking about your past with your bf/gf is fine to me. i don't think its appropriate to talk about past relationships/flings though. as long as you steer clear of that then i think it's fine and a normal thing to do. it's how you get to know a person a little bit better. knowing someone's past can help you understand why that person is they way they are today.

  • Yeah I mean why wouldn't you?