Don't know what to do about this boy?

Okay so there's this boy he lives in England and I live in South Wales we've been speaking for awhile he's only just turned 18 and in January I'm 16 and we really like each other and we are in a long distance relationship we've met a few times and he's really getting along with my son he loves him to peices so he has asked if he could become like a father to him (my sons biological father doesn't want to know) but our problem is... He doesn't want to tell his parents about me as he's afraid of what they'll say about the fact that I have a son... What should we do?


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  • I mean, I guess he could just not tell them. Or he could man the fuck up and do it.

    The only reason not to tell them is if they are somehow supporting him or both of you. If that is the case, wait till you two are in a more stable position.

    • They aren't supporting us, they have no clue about me... My mum and dad know about him but his parents know nothing about me, he lives with his parents but he also works and earns a fair bit of money so he could move out if he wanted too... I just don't understand why he won't tell them, it wasn't a big deal telling my mum and dad so why should it be for him? I've tried explaining things too him that things would be easier and better for us if he told them but he keeps telling me no

    • Ok, It's actually really really expensive to move out on your own. So they are definitely supporting him. Whether he could afford to live without there support, that is possible. But if he feels that his parents are not going to take it well, and he is living with them, it might not be the best idea to tell them. It may be throwing out a major future opportunity.

      That being said, if they are not the kind of people to disown him and throw him out for dating you. It might not be the worst idea, and it might make you feel better about the whole thing.

      I suggest you two discuss what he thinks the repercussion of telling his parents would be. And decide together whether it's worth doing at this point in time.

    • Okay thank you!

  • To be brutally honest I can not imagine any guy's parents being happy about their son dating a teen mother. He should tell his parents, but don't expect them to be approving of it.

    • Yeah I understand that they may not approve of it but if he loves me and my son as much as he always says he does then he should tell them right?

    • Of course he should. I'm just saying that you should anticipate potential negative reactions.

    • Yeah I understand, thank you for your help!

  • Maybe you should wait and see how things work out and further it a little because his parents would see how young you are and they will. You know how parents over think stuff. So just lay low be safety he time will come


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