How To Stop Constantly Fighting In On/Off Relationship?

Hi everyone! Here's a little background: I've been seeing this guy on and off for two years. The first time we broke up was because I didn't want to do long distance (he lives an hour away from me). We ended up meeting again a few months down the road and reconnecting. A few months later he ended things because we argued too much. We stayed split up for about 7 months (no contact). This time we started talking again in May and are still seeing each other now-August. Here's the issue: lately we have been fighting about once a week.
My side: I feel insecure that he won't call me his girlfriend. I feel that by not calling me his girlfriend he doesn't care about me and can have his cake and eat it too.
His side: He won't call me his girlfriend because we fight once a week and he isn't happy. He tells me he does care but doesn't see how putting a label on us right away will end the fighting.

Our fights are not dramatic, and we never yell. It is mainly me asking him once a week why he won't be my official boyfriend. He responds with he is sick of having this talk and then my feelings are hurt.
I am here to ask for some advice on what I can try differently? I really do love this guy and I am so proud of him. If the fighting doesn't stop however, we are calling it quits 100%. Thank you everyone!


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  • I don't think that guy is serious about you. I think he's keeping you around because he has no other options right now.


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  • You can't. On/offs never work. After 2 years that should be obvious to you. People don't change


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