What does it mean if a guys says im complicated?

I ve been told im too complicated to date, that im always in my own things and that that may be whar driles guys away, in other words, its too much work... but i always feel i try to be easygoing and I feel im not that complicated, I've also been told my tases are a big difficult to relate to, such as fine arts, climbing and languores. HELP. Whats the problem?

my tastes are a bit difficult* (autocorrector)


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  • To sum it up; you come with too many problems. Guys typically don't want to date someone who's personality feels like a drawn out math exam. One problem after another. One complicated formula after the next. There's no way you won't get at least 4 problems wrong. It becomes annoying in entirety and gets tiring.

    Maybe you have a set of patterns and habits you're unaware of that turn guys off?

    • Maybe but i try not to be difficult, I dont get how I can look complex, I feel I act like any other girl, maybe a lot less flirty but just as friendly

    • There has to be some reason why guy after guy keeps saying the same thing?

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  • What are languores?

    If guys are saying you're complicated it usually means that it's hard for them to get a read on you. Are you switching between being hot/cold for the guy? Playing games too hard?

    • languages* and no I actually dont play games :(

    • for intance i dont leave a guy on "seen" vía text 2 hours or anything like that,

    • Hmm, I dunno. Honestly wouldn't be able to tell you without dating you personally. Or hearing someone else talk about dating you.

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