Would you get involved with someone who is a survivor of various trauma and injuries that have left them disabled?

If the person male or female is a survivor of spousal abuse. If they have survived child abuse. Or if they are a war vet or emergency personnel.(firefighter, cop, ambulance, or search and rescue).

  • It would be too much work so no.
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  • I'm an understanding person or am dealing with my own issues so the answer is yes.
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  • I'm not sure
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  • Depends on their age
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  • Other (possibly explain)
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  • I don't care
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  • I don't care


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  • Think it depends on how disabled. And physically disabled or mentally disabled? That's a lot to take on for someone you haven't been with.

    • Well there are two different things I suppose. One would be physically disabled. As in might be visually or hearing impaired or might need a cane or wheelchair. The other wouldn't be necessarily intellectual handicap but problems with memory or occasionally speech because of injury. Sometimes it looks like ADHD or occasionally forgetfulness or recall problems.(might sometimes repeat themselves) I don't mean severely impacted I suppose.

      I'm a survivor of injuries in the line of duty which is why I ask. Though currently I walk most of the time without a cane, and I can see with eye glasses, hear without hearing aids or obvious implant anymore, and my memory is reasonable most times though sometimes I forget and repeat something. I had a high IQ before injury. It dropped me down to a more normal range though I can remember some more techie things. But I do have PTSD. Most times I'm fine occasionally I'm triggered.

    • I'm a survivor of blasts and other wounds in the line of duty. I ended up in a wheelchair but I got out and I'm able to walk.(most of the time without a cane but occasionally with) I've got some back problems and had spinal blocks.(which along with some non pain killer meds help keep things reasonable) At one point because of the injuries I lost both my eyesight and hearing. I've had cataract surgery, cornea surgery, and had lens implants put in my eyes. I see pretty good for a blind person. I wear glasses and can see most things like a regular person. So I just look like a regular person with glasses though I'm a bit light sensitive and need reading glasses (or larger CC sometimes). Other procedures restored my hearing and if anything sometimes it's a little sensitive. I do have minor COPD for sleeping (don't use a machine though). I do have a limp sometimes and on rare occasions problems speaking.(due to word recall/TBI).

    • Those things are something I think I could work past. You're functioning, not someone bedbound. Or someone with a mental handicap that would be like taking care of a child. You seem to be very much fuctioning even with what you're going through. I think would definitely be willing to give it a shot with someone in your shoes.