We will be having a convo and he sometimes takes hours to respond?

How am I supposed to respond to that? He seems interested, but this kind of behavior has me really confused and in the past that kind of behavior ended up being the guy lost interest. Like today we were having a random convo and he hasn't responded to my last text in a couple of hours. I don't know if he is working today or not. Yesterday it took over 6 hours to respond (he fell asleep, phone died) and a couple of times it takes a couple hours to respond. His texts are flirty/humorous. I can't really ask him, I don't want to come across as clingy. Plus we met online, only video chatted, but he stated he liked me and wanted to visit. Opinions? guys would ever act like that w/a girl you were interested in?


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  • There are like so many of these questions. Texting is bogus, it takes hours to have a conversation that takes like 10 minutes on a phone. People have shit to do and stop looking at there phone.

    Makes me salty when I have to beg for forgiveness because I didn't text back for a few hours.

    • Can that mean that he isn't interested though?

    • I guess it could, but it could also mean nothing, because not looking at your phone, or not having time to reply to the hundredth text is not the same as hanging up with someone on the phone. Do yourself a favor, don't read too much in to someone not replying for a couple hours. or even a day. Especially if the text you sent wasn't very important. Act like the conversation was over and start a brand new one later.

      I feel like, based on your question, that's his standard texting procedure, sometimes he takes a while to respond. If it really bugs you, you can ask him to let you know when the conversation is over, that generally polite. But then don't take offense if he doesn't text you for 6 or 7 hours straight.

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  • If you ask him about it, you will surely come across as clingy. People don't feel like texting all the time. Sometimes I take way too many hours to respond to a text because I feel too lazy to reply.


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  • Don't text. Call. It expedites matters greatly... it's why Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone: it's better that the telegraph which was the 19th century version of texting.

    So, don't bitch about a 6 hour text conversation when you can get it over with in 6 minutes on the phone. You have his number. Call!

    • I would, but as I stated, I do not want to come off as clingy. I feel like if he didn't have time to answer a text, he will not have time for a call.

    • Call. He can't ignore a call like he can a text.

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