I need help, guy probs?

So I've been talking to this guy for like a week now and he's a very sweet gentlemen and I think he's worth talking to. And he's been giving me sign that he's into me such as asking me to hang out like 3 time in a row and he said that he can help me on school work.. by the way I just bumbed into him in college and he just recently moved here.. To get to the point now he used to text me like everyday and now we've hanged out a couple times and I've texted him a few days in a row and it was fun and all but he hasn't been that fun recently he's been texting dry and I'm really frustrated what should I do? I'm really into him.. Were supposed to hang out this weekend but he said that there was family coming to his parents house so he has to be home early so I said ok then I won't be in your way and he said no worries I'll let you know what I decide to do. Anyways these past few days he's been saying nothing and last night he texted saying how was your day:) and I said very busy lol and he said same thats about it like he wasn't like this before IDK?


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  • Well, life always hits everyone, chances are he is busy. Him asking how your day was, was his way of showing you were on his mind. Dry texting may be because he doesn't know what to talk about because he is talking to you so much, and he may be distancing because he doesn't know what to say and is realizing he's texting for texting sake. Phew... that needed like a comma or a period in it, that was a long sentence wasn't it... phew. Don't worry, try starting a convo with him, give him something to work with, ask him something etc

    • What shoulf I ask him?

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    • @FantasyStud we're barely gettong to know eachother though

    • I get it. Just saying, things seem to be cooling off. You should find out what are his plans. What if he was hoping for some casual sex? I think those are valid questions.
      Something like ; so what are you looking for at the moment? Relationship, fun, NSA, etc.

      The guy will let you know hopefully.

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  • Maybe he changed his mind. I don't think he's that busy. I believe he is using that as an excuse, otherwise he would have attempted to reschedule your date.

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