Should I text him?

So my ex ghosted me exactly 5 months ago, the day after my miscarriage. He blocked me from everywhere and change him number. I was miserable, even had to take a few psychotherapy sessions but stopped cuz I can't afford it.
In these 5 months, My friends forced me to go on dates but I just couldnt do it. I finally found a guy who is head over heels for me and so I gave him a chance. Im currently dating (more than a month) him even though Im not that into him but Im happy unlike my last relationship.
Today morning I just decided to search my ex up on google and found his new contact info. I kinda wanna see him cuz I feel like Im still stuck in the past and can't seem to move on. I can't be like this forever.
Please help me out


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  • It's your life you can do w/e you want


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  • No, you should not text him.