Fell in love with the wrong girl?

So I had a girlfriend, she was like my best friend... understood me, I could be myself and she made me really happy and I made her happy too... We were really close...

I got a new job, and I met this girl... At first it was just talking, but I thought she liked me... and weirdly I started having a crush on her... and it progressed... We didn't talk and do much, but I really felt strong feelings towards her... we were not close, the exact opposite of my girlfriend... maybe it was overthinking but I really fell in love with this girl, more than I loved my girlfriend...( Which I don't understand I had a deep connection with her, yet none with this new girl)

For those wondering I did tell my girlfriend that I had a crush on a coworker... she told me she was leading me on and i didn't believe her...( Obviously a bit upset, but I would never cheat or anything)

We ended up breaking up, and the coworker was just leading me on... So I guess maybe I got what I deserve.

But has something like this happened to someone else?


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  • What you experienced wasn't "love " - it was infatuation. It's all too easy to mistake the two.

    • Yes I was infatuated with this new girl, I really don't know why... I wanted her...

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    • Yeah, I think we started passing the excitement point... and I was really attracted to this girl, she was exactly my type... I wasn't that attracted to my girlfriend physically... Definitely got obsessed... My girlfriend was kinda being a bit busy and distant too... and I kept texting with this girl, she's the only one that had conversations and time to text me... But I was hurt that she rejected me, but I found out she leads guys on because she likes attention...

    • I don't know I guess this girl was my first real love or something because I'm still hurt, I wanted her... I'm like willing to completely change myself for her and be in a bad relationship just to have her...

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  • You shouldn't have split up with your girlfriend until you found out whither this other woman genuinely liked you. Or maybe she found out that you already had a girlfriend and was put off of you for that reason. I've had guys who were already in relationships flirt with me. I get put off for that reason. I don't want to get romantically involved with men who are already paired off or married.

  • Things happen..
    . You did not like your girlfriend either. New girl. . she did not like you for some reason. Who knows? Just do not think about. Life goes and we learn from what we Experienced.

    • Nobody likes me... 😔

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    • Sorry, I meant she *was* with you so she must have liked you. But its a shame you didn't like her as much as she liked you. If you were never really physically attracted to her in the first place. Why did you go out with her?

    • It was just, we started as friends and she told me right off the bat she didn't want a relationship... maybe that's why I felt so comfortable around her... and we just got closer and closer, talking 24/7 and hanging out as much as we could... She was not like other girls, super confident, strong, yet I was there when she needed me and she helped me with everything... But I guess she didn't like me 100% either...

  • This situation is just so messy.


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