Is He playing games with me?

So I have been talking to this guy for a little over a month, we have never dated but do have some history - we went to high school together, I liked him back then to. So we ran into each other on a dating website, we have exchanged numbers and we have talked on the phone quite a bit. He prefers talking to texting. My whole quandary, I like him, and he says he likes me. We have had to postpone our first date because of conflicting schedules, well he went ghost on me for a couple of days, I find out that he is sick. He wanted me to bring him a couple of things, like juice, and sprite and a thermometer. I thought I was just going to go to his place, drop it off, since I have never been there and leave. Not the case, when I get there, he asks me, when do I have to be at work. When I told him not for a couple of hours, he gets excited, great I have you all to myself. We sat there talking for hours, exchanging personal stories. Then we got into talking about relationships, I told him what I wanted from him, for right now - I wanted to have fun, he thought the conversation was going to go in the way of I want to get married and have kids in 5 years. He made it a point to tell me, that he didn't want to get married or have kids until he is 40. I thought he was crazy, lol. I asked him hypothetically, how would he feel if I waited on him. He said flattered, but he wanted me to keep myself open to other options. He is still willing to take me out on dates, have fun with me, because he likes me and enjoys my company and conversation.


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  • No, Not at all, here, dear. He is being this Honest John now that you Opened a can of 'Wanted to have fun,' that Led to this 'Conversation,' Going in a Different Direction that now, Perhaps, is Good to Know from Joe.
    The ball is in your court. If he Gets to Know you even Longer, now that you both have Grown older, and Having known one Another so long, One never Knows with some Nursing and Nurturing, just what Mother Nature has in Mind with a Seed that was Perhaps Planted years ago.
    Good luck. xx

  • He's not playing games. He's being completely honest with you. He said he doesn't want to get married until he reaches 40. Of course he likes you he wants to take you out on a date. Doesn't necessary mean he wants to have a relationship with you. For him to tell you that you should keep yourself open to other options, it means he's going to do the same. You said you want to have fun. But it seems like you should have said I'm looking for someone for a long term relationship or something like that line not 'having fun'. that's not what you look for right?
    He's just being honest with you saying that he doesn't want anything serious now. He will take you out, you guys will have fun but no more than that and most likely he will take other girls out too besides you.
    Maybe he changes his mind he realizes how much he loves you you the one for him and stuff but right now you are just his date no more. I wouldn't pursue this guy he made it clear his intentions.