How could she just meet another guy and prefer him, when she and I were starting to have something?

I met this girl on Tinder a few months ago. Within the first few days of hanging out in person I immediately just felt this really nice connection/chemistry with her. I could tell right away this girl was great for me. Eventually I also began to see signs that she was into me too (on our 3rd or 4th hangout, which might as well have been a date, we held hands and she wrapped her arm around mine). This girl really enjoys her freedom and not being committed so we both just agreed to keep it casual, although the part of me that really likes her still hoped it would turn into something more. Eventually one day were at my house alone watching a movie and we started making out and getting physical, but we didn't have sex b/c she was getting late for an event. When she left we kissed goodbye. A week later, she came over and we made out and fell asleep in eachother's arms. When she left this night we shared a long, intimate hug and she kissed me on the cheek... Just the other day she tells me she met a guy and now feels bad b/c even though nothing is official, she feels like she's cheating on both of us. I have a gut feeling she actually might wanna be with this guy though, but I haven't been able to find out from her exactly. And now I'm left here wondering how this girl, who in spite of not wanting commitment, found a guy who might be making her want more than just friendship, when I've been right in front of her this whole time. We had such chemistry it seemed like...


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  • You can feel connections with a lot of people at once. But only one of those connections has the potential to go deeper. So you can't blame her. I am sure there is/was something between you two. But maybe she connects with the other guy on a deeper level than with you. I am sure keeping things casual didn't really help a lot in forming a deeper connection. At least it never worked well for me. If you want a person in your life and you know it you have to go after him/her no matter what.

    • That was the plan, but she kept telling me she didn't want anything serious. So the fact that now she does with someone else is what has me all messed up. It's my damn insecurities that keep telling me I wasn't good enough for her.

    • Try to not take it to personally. As a female I can pretty sure tell you that it has nothing to do with your shortcomings or insecurities. Women often themselves don't know why they fall for this guy and not that other guy. It is completely irrational. Women are so unlogical 😂

    • I have found that to be the case up until now lol

  • Sorry to say hun but maybe she's just more connected to that guy...

    • That's the only answer I'm able to think of on my own. I just don't understand how someone could already feel a connection to a person, then feel something stronger for someone they've known for even less time. I wish she at least would've not even bothered getting intimate with me and making feel like I had a shot.

    • Some women are flakes though... :/

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