What should I do? Guys and girls help me?

- She gave me signs that she likes me but i did not make a move. All my friends said dude she has a crush on you.

- Now I look at her and she just looks at me once in the class and then she ignores me whole lecture.

- Is she still interested or playing games?

  • She is playing the game, she likes u that's why she looks at you to make sure you are looking at her and then she ignores you.
  • She is over you.
  • Others, pls comment
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  • Ok she showed you signs that she's interested in then why on earth you didn't make any move?
    She probably trying to move on/or moved on thinking you are not into her.
    If you want her chase her already it's not too late

    • She and me sat near on 1st day,
      But since the first day she sat away from me and then gave me signs,
      If she wanted me to make a move, wouldn't she be in my orbit?

    • Maybe she's shy,
      If you really like her just give it a shot.
      She says no to you that's her loss not yours!

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  • She is over you.


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  • You can't possibly be 25-29 years old.

    • I am, what do you suggest about question

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    • What are you two studying?

    • The reason I ask, if you are afraid to ask her on a date you could join a study group with her. And get closer that way initially.

  • It depends on how long it has been. Make a move!


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