Is it worth it?

I started dating my boyfriend 3 weeks ago and so far it's been really tough to get through, we live far away from each other and we only get to see each other on weekends. We are both busy people and don't really have time to see each other during the week. He is a firefighter and I have 3 jobs that keep me busy consistently, and the only days off we have together would be the Saturday. I consider myself a needy person because I'm young and live alone, and I'm trying my best to cope with the relationship, but I get frustrated when I would text him and he takes 2 hours to reply, or when I don't hear from him all day. I like him a lot and when we are together it is amazing, but I don't know if it is worth it.


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  • LDR is One of the Hardest to have and to Hold, @EmotionalSinger, and it Takes two special people to Take the Time to and to make the Effort to Strive to Make this Work.
    I See Signs on my own end, where you Both, as Busy Beavers as you are, Make this Concerted Effort to be Together, Come Hell or High Waters, even if it is Only on The... Weekends.
    As far as Replying, i would Appear that Johnny cannot Always be Johnny on the Hot Spot in Pressing a Button as Fast as you may Want him to. But at least, he doesn't Seem to be Putting you any Back Burner, and Gets in Touch when he is Available to with his Own Busy Schedule.
    Don't worry, everything is Looking good. I had Married a Man out in Egypt a long time ago, and with Returning to the States... I never Ended up Going back.
    Good luck and Think how Lucky you Are, he is Not that Far. xx

    • Thank you for your insight

    • And thank you for the Like, hun. Relax and Enjoy the boy this weekend. You Both have Something Special, believe me. xxoo

  • Seriously? Some people don't see their partners for months at a time. I only see my boyfriend on weekends as we both study full time and sometimes we even miss a weekend. It's really not that hard even for a clingy person. Reality is this is what an adult relationship is like even if you live together. I mean my dad currently works away during the week and only comes home for the weekends. But even when he wasn't doing that my parents would only see each other an hour or two a night because of late night shifts. You make it work because chances are you won't get much better