How to overcome fear of attention?/Understanding attraction?

So, I'm hoping some people can help me out, and I'm serious.

Basically, I haven't looked this good for around 1/2 years now but I'm 22 and still haven't done anything more than kiss girls and never really done anything sober (although those kisses weren't just chance, they were with people attracted to me).

My big problem now is college is over and uni is over, there's no going back to those days and taking risks with nothing to lose. I'm now a working man building a career and don't really get thrown in young people (unlike what happened at school/college/uni).

At the gym, I was wearing a vest-style t-shirt. I wouldn't say I'm ripped but I feel happy in myself. My arms aren't huge or anything but this cute blonde girl caught my eye. (as with most guys we look at many girls hoping we get attention from one of them/they like us). Anyway she glanced at me several times. I was on the cross-trainer sort of to her left. She'd look left probably 5/6 times over her 30 min workout and we'd glance at eachother for a few seconds before it got awkward/I got shy. She'd also play with hair a lot, I couldn't see the front of her face but she was sort of playing with it minimalistically - i. e. not really doing much with it but moving it a lot sort of to get me to look at her.

I didn't know how to react, like she's really cute but we're working out. I thought girls didn't like to be bothered when they were working out. I don't have regrets but I do need to overcome shyness.

I tried to smile but I wasn't really smiling, I imagine my face looked a bit anxious. She would've seen this but still glanced at me after this. Did she like me do you think?

I'm honestly so shit at reading girls/love/sex/attraction. I'm good in all other areas, intelligence, career, even social skills but I fail so bad at this and wish I was better :/


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  • You can only overcome your fear if you constantly face it. If you keep noticing that females pay attention to you, your confidence will eventually grow. Anyway, as for the girl, she was probably attracted to you.


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