What are the Disadvantages of Dating an Older Guy?

He's 35 and I'm 24 ...

thank you for your help !

I mistook him for a 28 year old when I first met him.
I was shocked when he told me his real age...


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  • The only problem I can see is later in life, there is a greater chance of you being left on your own.

    Otherwise, go for it, and sod those who criticise!


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  • Aside from the possibilities of health risk and loss of the ability to have children sooner there's nothing bad about it. In fact, financially it can be kind of helpful. (Although obviously it's all about love not the previous mentioned advantages and disadvantages!)

    • He's a guy. He can alwayas have kids.
      Thank you !

    • Haha well MOST guys usually can but some start shooting blanks with age! You're welcome! I think it's perfectly fine! Never let age hold you back!

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  • You're not going to have a whole lot in common being that he was in middle school starting to take a interest in girls when you were just getting potty trained.

    • You think so?
      we have pretty long conversation.
      He says I'm interesting and he always has something to talk about when I'm around.
      He's interested in what I do even though he has no idea about those things.

  • Shallow-minded idiots will "judge" both of you.

    • They already did... once they knew his age.
      He looks very Young. I thought he was like 28 when I frist met him.

    • Don't care what anyone thinks. If you're happy together, that's all that matters. I know of many happily married couples where the man is significantly (10+ years) older.

    • Thank you ^^

  • He might die 10 years before your time on earth is over

    • Uuurgh... hopefully not :(

  • If things would get serious, he might want less sex while you'd want more (when you're in your thirties)

  • You will be on different stages of yours lifes. It can make experiences hard to emphasize with.

    • Hard but not impossible?
      How can I make it easier?

    • You both need communication. More that an age matched couple but yeah.

    • I can do that ^^

What Girls Said 2

  • When you are 80, he'll be dead.
    That's not to bad a spread
    My guy is older than me and it works.

    • I'm happy for both of you ^^

    • I wouldn't worry about your age difference. I have friends that are 20 years difference and they are happily married.

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