Guys, would you say yes to a "date" and not mean it?

Long story short. I met this guy at a party. We ended up in his place. But we didn't have sex. We just cuddled. We added each other on Facebook. The next day he texted me, saying it was nice to get to know me.
A week pasted by and I decided that I wanted to ask him out. I played the "I'm new in the city" and asked him to show me around. He said yes to showing me around, but he's busy the next two weeks. I texted him that it's okay, we'll just find out when later. His response was "we will".
Now I'm wondering if busy means doesn't want to go on the "date"?


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  • I don't think he would've messaged you the day after if he wasn't interested. I would never message a girl the day after if I didn't want to do it again. However, I wouldn't ghost her for two weeks either. Do you guys still talk over text or anything? Otherwise I'd say be open to other dates/meet-ups too. If this guy wants to see you he'll remind you of your date or at least happily keep a conversation going via text.

    • He didn't gosh me for two weeks. Just a week. I'm not sure if it makes it any better. We met last week, I texted him yesterday asking him out. We texted each other for a few hours, and now nothing.

    • A few hours yesterday is great, especially if he tells you he's kinda busy. Anyway, see how it turns out, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. He might've been a little unsure about the whole thing since you met at a party, maybe both got a little drunk etc.

    • Yeah. We were drunk. I kinda get the feeling that he's just (maybe a few months ago) gotten out of LTR.

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  • i think its a game of wait and see but in the meantime dont put life on hold