Will this make her like me more than just friends?

So recently i told this girl how i felt and she told me that she wasn't looking for a relationship at the time because she had just gotten out of one in June. At first i thought she may just not like me but recently i have come to think this is not the case. I make her laugh and smile all the time at school and she always has a smile on her face when im around. Should i just stop talking to her as much and wait for her to want my attention? Would it be smart of me to make her realize that she had lost a guy she may like? If you have any other sugestions or comments please let me know. She is an amazing person and i wanna make her want a relationship with me!!!


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  • I seriously doubt that. That only works if the girl has a crush on you already.


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  • For me telling a girl how you feel is kind of a mistake in that you reduce the chances of getting her to feel the same about you having imposed your feelings on her.

    It's easier often if you just casually ask her out and seduce her on the date. At that point all her reservations about being with you can melt away as you charm her, touch her, grab her, pull her close, give her a passionate and sexual kiss. It's easier to give the girl a chance to fall for you first than to dump your feelings on her upfront when they she might not be feeling the same way just yet.

    In your case it might help to ease off her for a short while, be independent, try not to want her too much, and then the next time you get her smiling and laughing, casually ask her out somewhere. "Hey, wanna go [...]?" Try to kind of make it like your confession to her is something forgotten, take a very casual and easy-going attitude about it.

    Pick a date where you get some time with physical proximity to the girl where you can be right next to her and talking to her and potentially touching her. Don't choose like just coffee/dinner or movie, you want some time to really get close and bond. Then if you get this far, combine your ability to charm her and make her smile and laugh to the occasional kind of advance that elevates things to a bit more than friendly (arm around her, hand-in-hand, dance with her, grab her close, kiss, etc).