I stilll love him. I didn't forget him for long time. ı rejected my crush. what d-should I do?

I study college. I met with someone in party. and we started to talk in facebook, about 4 months. ı guess, he was not exactly interested in me. but in his birthday we were talking again and he invited me to go out. ı was outside with my frind. he came, we met. my femle friend started to move on him. ı got shocked and. after this date he texted me that 'it was good meeting' and he intived me and my friend to his home. we went to his home and we were in speial time. then he asked me can ı kiss you. I said yes and ı showed my cheek. but he hold me and tried to kiss me on my lips. I freaked out and I stopped him. I dıdnt kiss someone before. he asked me why. I said you are not my boyfriend. he said ok and he was very very sad. I wanted to go but my friend didn't let me. and ı thought he is drunk. but he said he is not drunk.. he was sad. after that day, he texted me that he is drunk and he doesn't remember anythink he said sorry. ı told him and remind him evrythng. and I love him so I tried to talk to him.. after 1 week he blocked me. I tried to talk but he said he has girlfriend. but he doesn't. he even doesn't come to talk to me now also my friend. his all friends looking at me like I m enemy. they stoped being frined with me. I want him back but he doesn't care me. but I thnk he likes me too. what should ı do? after long time. ı have larnt that he was not drunk.. he made some new friend. ı dont know them but they know me. when we see each other they overreacting. I was with boys. his friends saw me and his friend take him to next to me. he and his friedn was angry when he saw me with my male frineds.. and I have another account. I have talked to him like a friend. I just wanted to show him that we are good together. then he got that its me. he said why did you do that. ı didn't reply. and now he still get jealous when he see me but he dont come to talk to me when ı invite him.


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  • You should try to forget about him. He has probably moved on because he assumed you were not interested.

    • what should ı do to getting him back?

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  • You need to forget him and move on.

    • ok I need to move on. but do you think he likes me, or he did?

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