Requesting some evaluation/reassurance?

Okay, I know this is sort of an ambiguous question/over anaylzation, but I just had a great first date/outing with a guy I had hooked up(madeout) with one random night. We got to know each other pretty well and had a great time over some drinks! I was wondering, what are my chances that he'll call for another night out? If he genuinely had a good time, will he call? Or is some of the stuff men do on dates just a play in order to get through the night? I figure this is better than going crazy keeping it all to myself.

Some highlights;

• Offered to pick me up

• Surprised each other when describing our lifestyles (he enjoys being fit, and working out; I enjoying spending a night with the TV and PS3).

• I said that he should teach me boxing/keeping fit and he challenged me to a match in NHL for xbox/ps3.

• told him that his beer pong team (yes you read right) should train at the pub we were at for the "big las Vegas" beer pong league and that I would be his number one fan.

• scored with my sports lingo!

• loved the shoes he wore. Let him know that.

• He kissed me while we danced.

• Had lots of contact (hands holding, arm linking, and grinding yumm!)

• when I was run over by two bar fights, I laughed at them, and asked him about his experiences about being a bartender.

• we made fun of people who dressed up like T.I and wore sunglasses in the pub. We made our own commentary.

• Honestly told him that I was glad I came out, and that it's not something that I come across very often.

• at the end of the night, pretended I was offended when he didn't let me pay for anything, and said that he could at least "call me" to make us even HA

Some oopsys;

• I got really distracted by loud noises when telling a story, and got sidetracked =P Me and my big mouth.

• After recommending us to double fist the beers (as a challenge!), I got a little tipsy...and then spilt on my leg =[ Embarrassing much?

• Had a talk about giving tips/money to hobos or people that worked the bathrooms; told me that he hates it when people do that and I said that I can't help but just give them money. And then he tipped the bartender after ordering a drink and I gasped and teased about that. He then said that he was insulted because he was a bartender...I think it was jokingly, but I still felt a little stupid. =P

• confessed that I lied about where I lived. It was because I didn't know him very well at the beginning of the night. I hope that didn't offend him =[

Disappointing, but it's been a week. Movin' on! Gonna meet someone new tonight at a new club that's opened up. It was awesome while it lasted! thanks everyone.
Just got a text from him. Says he's been busy. But that's it.


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  • sounds like you had a pretty good night. my advice is your looking to far into this considering its only been 1 date, I think you need to just enjoy the fact you had a great first date and met an interesting guy, if he calls back then congrats to you and I wish you all the best (if he was interested he will usualy get back to you within 9 days). if not then you its only cost you a few hours and you found out sooner that he wasn't interested.


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  • It seemed like he had fun, your too worried as your "oopsys" aren't that bad at all.


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  • oh hunni. you are worrying SO MUCH! he obviously likes you and that sounds like and awesome time! most of those "oopsys" are actually cute! he'll call! seriously, maybe he'll play the stupid game of not calling for a couple days but come on...he kissed you when you were dancing! take a deep breath...its all good :)

    this is too cute lol. keep us updated! I'll really be interested to see where this goes :D

    • I know! Crazy, right? I have a very extensive imagination, and I easily find myself fantazizing about things. I've found that it slightly works against me since I get all worked up about something (works great if I'm at work ha!). I just felt writing it down and just posting it somewhere will get it off my chest maybe literally and keep me from going a little crazy! And it has helped.

      Thanks for your comment. It made me smile. I'll update as soon as I...well.. get an update!


    • Fyi I'm the same way I overanalyze and worry too much. my boyfriend hates it he tells me to stop thinking all the time lol

  • did you text him at all?

    • Yes, once.

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    • He finally texted me after roughly two weeks of our meeting. I had texted him in the middle of that time. not sure what to make of it, but the text contained an apology for being out of touch, saying he's been busy, and that he had a good time as well (which was I sent). Then he proceeded to end it by saying that he hoped my show (that we had talked about) went well last week.

      there was no "lets hang soon" kind of notion. If he was not interested, I would have preferred he didn't text back.

    • Yea I understand. what did you text back? I guess just move on and if he asks you out again then go.