He told me he was done with me and blocked me on all his social media. when I text him to apologize he responded.. is there hope for us lol?

so he ignored me for a few days i got mad and messages 5 of his friends and told them he owes me money and his dick. game was wack... he found out and was pissed and told me he was done with me and blocked me on every thing.

i took a chance and texted him to apologize even though i though he wouldn't respond and even though i have the right to be mad and he responded saying what i did was messed up and he liked me too blah blah and he was going through some stuff that's why he didn't respond for 5 days

anyways does he actually like me? is he playing? is there hope?


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  • I think you should try to talk to him on the phone or in person. Try to have better communication. He should have told you why he wad ignoring you

    • he did after i was petty to. him and got into a dumb argument

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  • He owes you money? In what way?

    • ehhh doesn't matter... thats not what bothers me 100%

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    • if a woman told people that about me, it would be over for good.

    • it means nothing

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  • no I don't think there's a hope.
    I personally would never date a guy who talked shit about me to my friends.
    What you did to his friends were totally not cool. Why would you do that? What you just did made you look ugly probably been a major turn off.
    I mean like telling them he's a dick can be understanding you were mad. but tell them that he owes you money? seriously girl what the fuck. unless he owes you hundreds thousands dollars. or if he was ignoring you for that money.
    He still might have feelings for you you guys dated. but he didn't respond for 5 days thats a long time. Just wait and see how he texts/treats you now. You apologized so you did your part. wait and see if he willing to work on it with you. and do not ever talk shit about him to his friends unless he really took your money and ran or any shit happens that you need their help. thats very immature.