I always have to initiate the calls bad or no?

I am starting to know a guy I met online and we have vid chatted a couple times, each time lasting 2 hours or more. He never rushes me off the vid chat, but I find it weird he will suggest it and then forget. He is always open to do vid chat when I ask him about it. We also text throughout the day. One day his friends came over and we vid chatted afterwards cause he wanted to. Good or bad sign?
by the way he told me likes me and that I am a female version of him. Also talks about cooking for me and just other stuff to suggest that he wants to get to know me.


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  • It's 2016 so yeah


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  • :) he must like you. Just might be generally forgetful.. I do all the time

    • but all the time though? Every time he says we should vid chat, he forgets, even if we set a time.

    • Yeh I'm exactly the same...

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