I don't know what to do

there are these two girls one is the captain of the cheer leading team and the other one is this shy girl in one of my classes I like both of them maybe the shy one a little more cause she is more interesting but the other one is blazing hot and I feel is pursuing me more and I'm not sure if the shy girl is that in to me, she is also attractive .i don't know who to choose...i could choose the cheer leader who I don't like as much or I could take the risk for the shy girl even though we are totally different on the social ladder...what should I do

dont give me any answers saying f*** both of them I'm not doin that that's f***ed up


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  • this depends what you're looking for...if the cheerleader is giving you more of an obvious attraction and shows she likes you go for it...but on the other hand you seem a little more interested in the shy girl...shes more mystereous than this cheerleader, she seems a little more of a challenge...

    i'd say go with your gut,...to me it seems you wanna give this shy girl a shot...so go for it, talk to her, find out some more about her, if things pick up then ask her out...easier said than done I know I know! but hey if ur looking to score some points in the bed then do the cheerleader...seems like she digs you...if you want a relationship and a challenge do the shy girl...you seem to be leaning more towards her anyways...just go with your gut my man. if it doesn't work out you have the cheerleader to fall back on lol



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  • You seem to have explained it yourself - you like the shy girl. If you like her, you should tell her as she might just be too shy to let you know that she's likes you.

    Also if you were to chose the cheer leader and then realised that you didn't really like her, then asked out the shy girl (as you realised that she was the one you actually liked), the shy girl might think that she's just back-up as things didn't work out with the cheer leader.


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  • I would say take the shy girl. its obious you want her more as she raises your interest. best bet is take her on a date, see how she goes. and if it doesn't work out with her then go for the cheerleader.

    Remeber mate saying your having problems choosing is one thing but unless there both knocking at your door asking you out you havnt got either of them.

    Good Luck


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