There is a Girl I like. What to do next?

Am a shy type of guy and i don't usually talk to any girl in my class but there is a girl i like, she is the same as me but i don't know if she is shy or proud ( Doesn't talk much ). Its been a year i have started liking her but have never talked to her. She once caught me staring at her and after that she has been staring at me for whole of the year. I have caught her several times staring at me. It really feels like she likes me. I can not maintain eye contact with her so whenever she is staring at me i get all nervous and look downwards and go away. I usually try to avoid places she is present just because i get nervous but i really like her. She stares at me whenever i am around. I felt like she once tried to approach me with her friend to talk but i left that place and missed the opportunity then felt bad about it. She acted differently for like 5 days following that incident like tried to ignore me. Then again came back to normal and started that staring process. I gathered guts and sent her a friend request on facebook because that was all i could do. She didn't accept it for the moment. I kept it for a whole day and then cancelled it as i was feeling really bad and embarrassed. She has no guy in the class added with her and she has set all her profile to the tightest privacy. Now i feel like she stares at a guy who is a close friend of mine and he stares at her too. She still stares at me but i feel bad when i feel like she is staring at him. Now all of a sudden she has started appearing in my dreams like 4-5 days a week. i am all confused about what to do. i really like her. Please give your opinions and girls tell me what she really wants and why is she behaving so?


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  • Aww

    A friend of mine was just like you cept he hesitated for 4 years till he decided to approach this girl. Unfortunately he was too late. When he finally gathered his courage and told her she was already seeing someone weeks before. She admitted she had liked him too but it was too late.

    So don't wait too long. Go for it!!!
    Confidence = Key

    Go talk to her. ;) Goodluck

    • Thank you for your response :) . In the mean while there are other girls who show interest in me but i completely ignore them because i like her and want to be with only her. She knows that i like her and maybe knows too about my shyness. Didn't even accept my friend request or i just cancelled it with in a day (way sooner)? Why would she stare at my friend when she clearly knows that i like her and he is my friend. I am totally confused. Just because of this i have started gathering courage and i try to talk to her about work related problems but i don't talk much except work related things so that she doesn't take an impression that i am trying to get fixed in. It feels bad. But at the same time this makes me sad that if she is staring at my friend, this doesn't make her like me. Why can not she only be interested in a single person only. I know i have done wrong by making her to wait for a long time but that is just because of my shyness. I really like her. So confused and messed up

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    • She may be thinking that.
      She may also be thinking the same things you've been thinking.
      Plan it out thoroughly and approach her.

    • Thank you. Much appreciated.

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