Why is he sending me pics of him with other girls after I don't speak to him? Is he trying to make me jealous?

My guy friend and i have been texting and Snapchat ing a lot. But for like a day in a half I I was real busy so I didn't snap or text him back. In this time he started to post on his snap story pics showing that he was hanging with other girls. As well as stuff he was doing. Wut mostly of other girls. He as of last night, sent me a direct Snapchat of him and two other girls with a eye heart smilyface. He was drinking and looked a bit dazed and could've sent it to everyone on his list, but still. I got the impression that it was an attempt at making me jealous.. What do y'all think? Why would he do this? I never replied to the snap or sent him anything, so I'm a handling this correctly? Thanks FAM.

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  • Yes he is trying to get you jealous to see how you will react. If you was to react harshly and message him etc then to him that would prove you like him and have feelings for him. Yes I wouldn't reply to it either. I think you are handling it correctly.

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  • id say yeah


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