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He's giving mixed signals and I'm so confused. Should I tell him how I feel or let him go?

A year ago I met this guy at the gym and we were both instantly attracted to each other. We ended up going to eat one night after working out and he got my number. We went out a few more times after that and I even spent a few nights at his house. We never had sex but we kissed and cuddled. He eventually told me about how his mom died from cancer barely a month before we met. I realized then that he was nowhere near ready for a serious relationship, but I still stayed and tried to make it work because I cared about him and wanted to be there for him. Of course things fell apart and we went our separate ways, but we both still respect and care for each other. A year later and we've somehow found our way back to each other. My feelings for him never left, but I'm not sure how he feels for me at all. He gives me so many mixed signals and I don't know what to do. I know there's an obvious physical attraction we both share, but I'm not the kind of girl that can have a friend with benefits without getting attached, and that's not what I want. I love being around him and we have so much in common and make each other laugh a lot. But he's like a different person through text than in person. He's the worst texter ever. He takes forever to respond sometimes (like 3-6 hours) and sometimes he just drops the conversation by not responding. I'm not texting him much at all. I'll go days without talking to him. Going by texts, he's not interested in me, but he makes me think he is when we're together. I'm so confused. My question is how should I handle this? Should I just drop him or should I tell him how I feel about him? I'm worried he's still not in the right mindset for a serious relationship. He's doing much better since the last time we talked, but it's still only been a year and 3 months since his mom passed. I don't know what to do, but either way I'd like to keep him in my life because I care a lot about him, but I know seeing him with another girl would hurt me too much.
He's giving mixed signals and I'm so confused. Should I tell him how I feel or let him go?
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