Why did this girl delete me off facebook?

Me and this girl used to work together, and we actually were friends for a while there, but then I quit and worked somewhere else. I wouldn't consider us to have been best friends but we were more than acquaintances. I never did anything to her, but during the time that I worked there I was into her ex, but she didn't know that at all. Me and her ex were talking for some time but it didn't work out. Our talking started to fade and eventually she and him got back together, but she seems to hate me and I don't understand why? When they got together she added me on Facebook and then deleted me. Then I sent her a request and she rejected it. I don't understand why she's so angry at me. I did delete her ex from FB but that's because I was done with him. Could it be possible that he's the one who made her add me then delete me as revenge for cutting him out of my life? Or is she jealous of me or angry at me for liking this guy? But I mean that doesn't make sense because they were even together when I liked him? Why is she so angry at me?

Weren't. I meant they weren't even together when I liked him


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  • who cares, its facebook. you probably have at least 50 "friends" you never see or even speak to in real life.

    before i deleted my facebook, i had over 300 friends. I deleted everyone i didn't talk to on a regular basis and had about 20 friends including family.

    My point is, i bet you werent really that close in all honesty, so why does it matter?


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