I have not seen my boyfriend in over a month I am not sure what to do. I really need some help with figuring this out can anyone help?

Sorry this will be kind of long. Anyway I have talked to my boyfriend for over 2 years but we recently just stated dating exclusively (we were friends before and hung out occasionally and met online) anyway he has never been a super great fast responder to texts and still isn't but fast forward to a couple months ago. I asked him out and he said yes we have been dating 3 months now. Anyway we were having weekly dates now it has been over a month since I've seen him. we still text daily. He says the reason he hasn't seen me is that he is having car issues and his work schedule has changed and he is working a lot more. Money has always been tight with him and he has a car that is constantly needing repaired. I usually pay for the dates or we split it or occasionally he pays but I don't mind paying. I asked him if he still wanted to date me and he said he does. Anyway we have a date set soon to see each other which I took the initiative to set up I don't know what to do though. Should I keep my guard up? Should I trust him in the fact he said he still wants to date or should I let go? I'm totally lost I don't even know what to make of it. I started to act as if I don't care about the relationship anymore and it seems like it made him wake up a little and try harder. I also talked to him about it a couple weeks ago. I asked him if I could meet his friends through text one time and he said sure ill ask again in person since it has been awhile. Anyway what do you think I should do? Should I wait it out a bit to see if he shapes up some more? I don't want to throw what could be a good thing away over something that I might be overthinking. He is 25 works 40hrs and is in the Army reserve. Need more details just ask! Thank you


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  • Sounds like there is some distance between you two. This can be a buzz kill as time and transportation costs can be a drain.

    • about 45min drive from each other

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    • Yes, sometimes you just have to put some faith in people and take their word. Wait it out, but if this pattern repeats itself or doesn't improve by Christmas time, I would reconsider.

    • Ok I will wait it out and see if it improves... I hope it does I feel like he may be a keeper

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  • It sounds like you should move on to another relationship.


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