MIXED SIGNALS? Guy problems..:( please help I really like him?

Okay so I started seeing this guy a few days ago. Our first date we went to dinner and a movie. On the date he seemed so interested in me and would ask me questions about my family, what I like to do, and other conversation starters or what you'd call ice breakers. The night before the date we face timed for two hours. During the movie the second we sat down he held my hand and rubbed my leg. In the middle of the movie he put his hand on my cheek and he started kissing me and being lovey with me. After the movie we sat in his car and talked for over an hour and then hung out the next day. He came to my apartment and we cuddled, talked, and were lovey to each other. He says he wants to date me and he really likes me. Says he wants this to work out. Even asked what I was doing Saturday and Sunday and said he really wants to see me again. So today I didn't hear from him much and he was short with me. I don't know... he is so great in person but over text it's like I'm talking to an aquantance. I am so confused! I'm trying not to be a psycho and text him. Haven't talked to him since 5 this afternoon. Should I just wait for him to text me? Is he even interested in me? Please help!:(


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  • Yes, he's interested. Some people just dont know how to text properly. Myself included. I think its better to only text sometimes, mostly to set up dates. Otherwise a guy can lose conversation material real fast if there's not going on for him.

    • there's not much* going on for him

    • Do I just give him the silent treatment and wait it out?:( I mean I really like this guy and he said he really likes me too. We have so much in common and he is always smiling when he is with me.

    • You dont have to stay silent all the time. Just avoid long talks by texting, because you two might get bored faster. Just saying...

  • Did you blow him? If not, you blew it.

    • I gave him a blowjob you jerk... I didn't just cuddle with him all night and talk about bullshit jeeze.

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    • How am I suppose to get another date lined up if I've hardly heard from him... I don't wanna be pushy:(

    • Sometimes a little pushy is the way to be. And it usually helps you figure out if there's anything worth pursuing or if it's time to cut bait and fish a different spot.

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  • "Haven't talked to him since 5 this afternoon"
    Are you kidding me? You're being overly attached and clingy. Let the guy have a little time on his own.

    • Yeah well I didn't text him at all after that and didn't text him at all today.

    • Wait a couple of days. If he won't send you anything, initiate asking him out. If he won't reply, move on.