Girls, How should I write my dating profile?

So first off, I'm a shy person, but I don't know if I should mention that. Girls liking confidence and all. Well how about I just list what I'm like and what I like. Then maybe you can help me form it into something good?

My personality: I'm a hard worker, I don't know how to flirt, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, I like to cook, travel and see new places if I had someone to go with, love camping, fishing, want to try hunting. My humor is dry as in, when I'm serious, people laugh, when I try to be funny, it comes out as awkward. I'm shy, prefer to listen than speak but looking for someone to listen to me as well, I ask a lot of questions, I tend to get too personal too quickly, I have a high sex drive and into freaky-ish stuff sex wise. (Even though I've never had sex.) Not into sports at all.

Things I like: Anime, LuffyxNami, guns, video games, writing, every type of movie except romance, unless it's anime romance. Reading somewhat. just walking around, talking about personal stuff except politics and religion.

What I'm looking for: A girl, age 18 to 24. Can be skinny to a little big, depending where it's at. Is also a hard worker, doesn't have arguments over small things. Is extremely loyal. Doesn't have to be the same religion as me. Doesn't smoke or drink, unless it's light drinking. Isn't easily offended. Preferably a virgin, but at my age I guess it's kinda asking the impossible. So maybe only 3 max sexual partners? And yes, it does matter to me. Loves and wants kids, speaks her mind when there's a problem instead of keeping it to herself. High sex drive with an open mind to stuff, except threesomes or anything like that. No extra people what so ever.


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  • Things I wouldn't say: you're shy, high sex drive, ANYTHING about anime or whatever LuffyxNami is, that you don't like romance, size of girl you want, number of sexual partners, or ANYTHING about kids

    • Why leave out what I like? Isn't that the whole point? Seeing if you have stuff in common?

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    • Umm... Explain to me how it's not sexist. Men are never judged for how many people they sleep with but women are.

    • Who says I'm judging? If a person doesn't want to date a person who has kids, who smokes, who drinks, are they then a bad person? People are attracted to different things. No one judges me because no one really cares. Straight guys aren't trying to date other guys. A girl sees a guy with a big sexual past and think, "Well, if every other girl wants him, then I bet I can be the one to win and make him settle down."

  • You really need to work on selling yourself dude. You FIRST sentence reeks of insecurity and girls don't want to deal with a possible mental case.

    Keep your profile positive and focused on your good qualities and stop bringing forward the negative ones. We don't need to know you're a virgin and even if you prefer virgins, it's best to leave that off your profile And the sexual partners thing. If I were your age I'd think you had some internalized issues and pass you up for even mentioning something like that. Just don't.

    Don't mention physical requirements. Girls get turned off by that. They may have their own self-confidence issues and probably ARE physically attractive to you but don't think they're good enough simply because you mentioned it. It also makes you appear shallow. If you must, you can say you're looking someone "who takes care of themselves" which can hit many areas that matter and not cut off your options. You're not required to date to everyone who contacts you.

    Leave off "except politics and religion." We don't care and don't need to know that. Also it could turn off intellectual women who are more in tune with the world and prefer not to live in ignorant bliss (or maybe that's just me *shrug*)

    "except romance unless it's anime romance", just cut that whole part out.

    • I'm not ignorant about it. I just don't see any point of bring the subjects up because it always starts an argument with neither side backing down.

      And I see what you're saying. More positive and leave out the nerdy stuff.

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    • Because the format of this profile is exactly like CMB. In any case, listing your likes including nerdy stuff is a good thing. If you want you can post up your new stuff and I will be happy to critique it for you from a girls perspective.

    • Not really sure what you're talking about.