How can I tell if I like a guy enough to date him?

So I asked this boy who has liked me for like two years to hang out because I am trying to meet new people and we went to the movies. I did not want it to be a date but when I got there he already bought my ticket and would not let me pay him back and I'm like 90% sure he thought it was a date. This guy is really nice and his personality is actually like everything I want, but at the same time, I don't think I am physically attracted to him. I don't know if it is just because of his glasses or something but I do not look at him and want to kiss him, ya know? So I feel like it would be hard to do all the relationship stuff if I don't even have the desire to touch him... Should I actually date him? I want to get past it but I just don't know if I can. Plus, he's also the kind of guy who only posts memes on his instagram and not to be mean but like I feel like I'd be embarassed if I told people we were dating and they pulled up his instagram full of memes like he is a 5th grade boy. We're seniors. What do you guys think? Have you ever been in the same situation? And if I do date him/kiss him to see if I could get past it and I don't, is there a nice way to end it? Thanks guys.


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  • Lol you're rejecting a guy because he, unlike girls, doesn't give a 💩 about his Instagram is a new one. Physical attraction can change, but that doesn't mean that it will.


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  • I think if you like him, your friends will too, even if he is a dork. :p

    You and your friends may be too young to know this but this usually is the way with females. A female can see a guy and find him incredibly sexy. Our friends can see the same guy and not find him attractive in the least. So eventually, females realize they need to just accept their friend's partner if that partner makes their friend happy.

    The question really comes down to if you ever can find him attractive? That only you can answer.

    My advice is, it is fair to see him if you think attraction can develop. Once you know attraction can not develop, then you need to stop seeing him and tell him you are not interested in dating him. And yes, it will be up to you to tell him directly.

    I know that will be hard to do but it is necessary. If you want the right to try him out for size then it is your responsibility to tell him when the size does not fit as soon as you know the size does not fit.

    As for how you do it that, you do it directly and concisely so it is clear. You tell him that you are not interested in dating him.

    It is simple and I know it is hard to do. But it is something that we all need to be able to do when we date. We need to be grown up enough to tell someone that we are not interested in dating them. And thats that.