How do you deal with an ex's birthday that you still have feelings for?

-Say they broke up with you on somewhat good
-been NC for 2 weeks
- broke up a month ago
- neither one of you guys are dating anyone

would you be best to not wish them a happy birthday and have them wonder where you are? Or wish them a happy birthday and slowly go from there.


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  • Honestly do something for yourself with your friends. Go do something, wish they a brief happy birthday, just a "have a great birthday! :)" text and leave it at that and don't reply. If they dumped you, you should move on from someone who doesn't see your worth as you are now. But it isn't bad to be cordial if they aren't mean to you! Just have the best day that you can for yourself and if they wonder why you aren't begging for their attention, good on them for wondering about you.

    • I feel like saying nothing would create that curiosity... Of what I'm doing, because she knows I know when her birthday is and that I wouldn't forget. What do you think? I know she still has feelings.

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    • I think if you dream of getting back with or you plan on never dating her again, doing something mature and polite and then just doing your own thing for the day is the way to. If you want to date her again, she WILL be wondering about you and thinking about you and think what a sweet thing it was to do. If you don't want to date her again you can always look back proudly at maturely and kindly you handled the break up, and she will too.

    • I'm sorry, you're saying if I didn't wish her a happy birthday she would be thinking about me right?
      I would be open to trying again, but she is the one that needs to make the effort and reach out.

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  • Well if there is no issues between the two of you I don't see why you shouldn't wish them a happy birthday.

    • She is just liking being weird and not explaining herself, she said "I don't want to do this anymore" when after our break up we had sex and went to dinner where she told me she loved me and missed me a lot... I think she is expecting me to wish her happy birthday...

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    • She thinks she is in "control" she just assumes I'll be back on her birthday.. if I stay away won't she wonder where I am or why I haven't talked to her on her birthday?

    • Maybe but maybe not. Do what you feel is right.

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