Is there something developing between us?

Okay so I've known this girl for about two months now. I've met her because of one of my good friend who happens to be her sister. We've seen each other quite a lot over the summer and we always have fun together, people who see us even think we're dating. So here it goes this girl always wants to hang out with me, and when we do she always seems super cheered up and happy. I've gone to the movies with her twice we shared popcorn and a soft drink and we did a lot of other things together like tanning. She also insisted to wash my car with me and whenever we're doing a group thing with her sister and friends she always spends most of her time with me and always wants to take my car with me if we take to cars to go somewhere. She sometimes calls me babe and today we went to the restaurant and she insisted that I take the same thing as her. I know that she doesn't have a lot of guy friends and always seems to be free when she is not working and I wanna see her. She also often asks me to do stuff with her and teases me quite often. We don't really text a lot tho but I think that it is because she is not the texting type. We never kissed or anything but we did hug. I'm starting to like her I think and I'd like to make a move on her but I want to be sure I am not wrong about her because if I was things would probably get awkward between me and her sister who is as I mentioned earlier, a really good friend of mine. So should I make a move or stop wasting me time?


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  • Make a move and take your chances. Life is too short, at least you will know whether or not she is into you but from the way you worded things- seems like she is digging you too.

  • Make a move. Not a big one like straight out kissing her or suddenly asking her on I date. Just maybe take her hand when you walk next to her... or put your hand on her knee while driving. That will show her that you are interested and all you have to do next is wait how she reacts. If she pulls away, stop. But if she doesn't do anything to stop you, that's a good sign. Just try to make her feel comfortable, make her laugh first. And make the move like you weren't even thinking about it.
    I probably know how the girl feels, I've been in a similar situation, that's why I decided to answer you :)
    So don't push it too much, but even though we live in modern society, the girl will probably expect you to make the first move.


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