Which trait of a woman would you take?

1 st woman has greater looks than the 2nd one. She has intelligence, wit, humor. She is a virgin. She is loyal. She is spiritual and monogamous. But she is against sex before marriage. She distests promiscuous women and doesn't judge promiscuous men. She is very witty but she sometimes uses her wit when offending people. But she never uses any slang or derogatery word. She never swears, smokes or drink alchohol. Her ideas are based on rightness.
2nd woman never judges anyone. Is very open minded. She is loyal and intelligent. Does the first step when it comes to hookups and dates. Sometimes drinks. She loves to party. She loves attention. She hates when people judge promiscuity. She has a sexual experience and is great in bed. She swears but doesn't smoke. She thinks you can do whatever you want as life is short. She thinks waiting for marriage is stupid as sex is good.

  • 1st woman because she looks better
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  • 1st one because she is witty and funny
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  • 1st one because she is virgin and monogamous
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  • 1st one because her ideas are based on rightness
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  • 2nd one because she is good in bed
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  • 2nd one because she is confident
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  • 2nd one because she does the first step
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Each one has draw backs, but the 1st girl is a little to judgmental and I don't believe in waiting until marriage.


Most Helpful Girl

  • They both kinda suck (if they were guys) I wouldn't want someone who is religious OR doesn't want sex before marriage (especially things like holding hands or kissing) AND I don't want to date an attention seeker and party animal.

    But I like aspects of both, someone who is intelligent, witty, and funny AND I also like when guys are great at sex (obviously, haha), loyal and intelligent as well.


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What Guys Said 1

  • 2nd one because she is confident


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl #2 because girl #1 would bore me to death.