The ghosted me and now he invited me to his birthday party should I go?

This guy I met through mutual friends asked me out 8 months ago. We dated for almost 3months. Things seem to be going good then he slowly faded away. Last I heard from him was 2months ago. He texted after I posted a cute selfie on FB. We texted for a few hours. Then never heard from him again. We are still friends on social media. We like each others post here and there. I will add last time we ran into each was a few months after he disappeared on me and he acted like he didn't see me. I did finally after the night ended went out of my way to say hi. He seemed very uncomfortable around me. I'm thinking it's because he knows it was rude to dump me with no explanation. Ok so my problem is he invited me to his birthday party on Facebook. Should I go? Or will I look stupid for going?


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  • I wouldn't go, just because why get a gift for someone who doesn't even treat me right or act like a friend? That's probably why he invited you too, for a gift.

  • Im tired... All give my opinion on this next week... Ok see you later. Gotta catch the Z's