Are hot girls stuck up?

On my journey in life I've always noticed that the more attractive you are the more you can get away with , out of the girls I have met which society would deem very attractive , I've only met one girl who had a heart of gold , her boyfriend is one of my good friends, and he's probaly a lot less attractive then her but she loves him , plus he's a top bloke. Anway most other girls I have met here (in Melbourne Aus) are extremely rude self centred and my god mind numbing stupid 😂. what do you think pretty girls have life easier and have daddy's prince syndrome? Please leave a comment below 👍


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  • Pretty girls definitely do have it easier but NOT all of them got those issues LOL. I have a few mates who are hella attractive but don't use their looks as a means of getting what they want. But then there are also some that do.

  • I have met stupid stuck up girls who were average or even below, so it has to do with personality more than the level of attractiveness. You probably notice this more in attractive girls because we notice attractive people easier than those not-so-attractive.


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  • yeah, usually hotter women tend to act like they're better than everyone