How do I get the "real" attention of this younger gamer girl?

I don't care if it is "robbing the cradle," this can't be helped. The girl is gorgeous and she's a genius, AND she told me I don't talk enough! I told her nobody's ever said that to me before.

Olivia (Livbee) Master/Grand Master Starcraft 2 Streamer

Remember what I said, Americans: You are obsolete.

With some coaching, maybe I can get dual Citizenship in Sydney and still end up with an Chinese beauty anyway.

Nope, she's not out of my league. If we were playing FPS I might be a couple leagues above her :).

Seriously though, this woman is good, and she's exactly what I like. So now I'm screwed, because I'm stuck in the U. S. and I don't want to be an "internet friend". I want to see if she'd date me in real life.


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  • Oh yeah she's beautiful

    • I have a plan of action.

      I am going to poke in on her channel often enough to get noticed, as I have so far, but on her birthday I am going to do something nice for her! :).

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  • Not a very difficult thing getting to Australia from the USA

    Age is irrelevant in certain situations

    First figure out what she's all about then start thinking about the future

    • Thank you buddy for liking my opinion <3 :)

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    • Well good luck then in the earnest way 😊

    • Thank you again GAG for appreciating earnest attempts in answering by awarding me this MHO yet again (:

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  • Become 18 again.

    • Asian women can look a good 5 years or so younger. It's a cross-racial thing, I think, but it seems to be consistent for women in good health. I think it's a combination of both genetics and diet.

  • She probably has a thousand creeps going on about how they're perfect for her everyday.

    • That's actually not how the people in her channel behave. Sure, there's lots of guys that like her, but she's so good at the game that people watch to learn. It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful and funny, but it's not all pick-up lines.

      I sort of joked with her that I needed to learn to be a "Dark Knight" instead of a white one, but she claimed she didn't know what a "White Knight" was. I know she was just joking back at me, but she knows what it means.

      Anyway, I don't mind dating a younger woman if I can get her to take me seriously.

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      Born on September 4, 1991
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      Professional Starcraft II Player from Sydney, Australia.

      She makes at least a couple hundred dollars per day streaming, without taking her clothes off.

    • Livibee is a 250 Average Action Per Minute sustained Zerg Player, with all build orders and in realistic games against other players at Master and Grand Master level.

      I can sustain about 80 actions per minute using realistic build orders, but can hold 300 actions per minute using the Zerg "Zerglings Mineral-only drill" against the AI.

    • About a year ago there was some controversy, because apparently some men couldn't accept that she was in fact a GM, so she streamed every game while she re-gained the GM rank in July 2015. Around that time, there was a scam of GM players "boosting" lower ranked players into Masters and GM league, and she may have been accused of being "boosted". She had replays and live streams of her games.

      There's unfortunately a common, "Woman can't be both beautiful and intelligent," meme in Western culture which leads to this. It's bunk.