She said yes to a date but didn t give me her number, is these playing hard to get with her phone number?

there is this girl in my work she shows signs she like me flirting, gazing my eyes smiling, giggling etc.. but a few mouths ago realized a like her too but I think she playing hard to get going hot n cold but this week there found out she is leaving the work place so a finally ask her out so the other day when I ask her out she said "yes that would be nice" so I give her my number and I ask for her number but she said "I will give you my number later" so yesterday at the end of the shift she said "I will give you a text later on" so I m thinking is she playing hard to get with her number because she said yes to the date but didn t give me her number, I have heard of the 2 or 4 wait thing but not sure it is that or playing hard to get


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  • She was not interested. She only wanted to be polite.

    • see to me it seemed like she did have an interest because she always was flirting, looking and smiling at me saying my name all the time, calling me pet name etc... and she always miss's with she was off, that's why a asked her out plus it was her last day in Friday away to start her own business she also ask me to go to her leaving night after I asked her out, feel so confused right now

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    • @America1st yeah will ask her when the next time a see her, so what do you think the signs are when a girl is interested in you

    • Many different things. This girl gave you the answer you seek when she wouldn't give you her number. Girls don't withhold there number if they are interested. Maybe not at first when you haven't met or talked. For their protection they wait until they talk to you or mmet you. If she still withholds her number, she is saying "I'm not interested". If a girl flirts and you are not sure of her intent, take the risk and ask. This is a question man has been asking for a long time. Women are more complex than men and if the man doesn't understand, he hast to ask. I think most women wish men would ask, rather than presume.

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  • She is being nice to you instead of telling you the truth. Not giving you her number was the first sign. The second is that she doesn't text you. She's not considering what her game is doing to you or she just can't tell the truth. I would move on to a woman who is honest and doesn't play games. Besides being dishonest, it's showing you a total lack of respect.

    • see the thing is she always showed me signs she like me like that because she would always smiling and gazing into my eye flirting etc... even after a ask her out she was still a bit flirty with me in that also ask me to her leaving night she has let the work place to start her business his week

  • If she's got your number, she will text you lol.

    • yeah was thinking but thought it was a bit odd that she didn't give me her number