Boyfriend is texting multiple women that he already knows (exs, friends) like he used to text me?

So my boyfriend and I have been together exclusively for about 8 months. I've had a situation where we were playing around on his phone and weird texts popped up from women. He has told me that I don't have anything to worry about. He's been distant for the past week or so. Last night we went out had a great time. He fell asleep and for some stupid reason I looked at his phone. We had Pandora going on it so when I went to turn it down to go to sleep too, I stupidly looked at his texts. He's been texting with multiple women. Just like he used to with me. One of them we actually hung out with last night for a while and she kept telling me how beautiful I was and what was I doing with him. I'm not a game player. I'm a good woman with a good heart. And I love this man. I feel devistatied and disrespected. I'm not sure if I should just walk away and give up on things ever changing or confront him. I know I shouldn't have been looking at his texts. It was wrong. But loyalty means a lot.


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  • How old is he?

    • He's 42

    • mid life crisis?

    • Possibly. Who knows. But I'm just not sure how to handle it I've completely opened my heart to this guy and trusted him. We've talked about things like this and he said that he would always be straight with me. He's not being straight with me. I don't know if I should just walk away or confront him and fight for what we had. It's problem not going to change. He'll just hide it from me. And try to minimize things like they are just friends, I am over reacting and get mad at me for looking at his phone.

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  • Been in your situation hun. You need to work out what you want and confront him

    • I hate the fact that I snooped and I know he's going to be really mad about that. But trust is huge. If he ever wanted to use my phone I wouldn't think twice about it. I'm not sure if things will ever change with him and it's going to be an argument. Did you tell your boyfriend that you read his texts?

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    • Thank you for all the insight :)

    • :) your welcome hun. Hope you sort it :)

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