New to this dating thing, how do I keep it going and make stuff happen?

Ok so, I have started seeing a new guy.
Literally the nicest guy I have ever met! Usually falling for dickheads, this guy booked a table at a fancy restaurant and has been completely lovely. We were friends prior to this and slept together, he asked me out and then we slept together again after the date. The next morning we were all cuddly in bed all morning and when I left he said 'i'll message you and maybe we can hang out again next weekend'.

He messaged me during the week after the first time but it was a few days after we had first got together. We both have full time jobs and he is about an hr away on the bus so i feel like weekends are really the only option for now (who knows what would happen if it goes further, how does all the timing work?)

I don't mind that I have slept with him already, so don't judge.

I am completely new to this adult dating thing and don't know what to do next. I'd like to keep hanging out but i'm sick of 'casual dating' and don't know how to push it forward without going too fast. He has said things that makes me think he will continue seeing me, like I said something about my house and he was like 'i'll have to see it sometime'. How do I adult? Help!


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  • You seem to be doing it pretty well yourself. Just reciprocate the feeling as well as you can I guess. Show that you care. Keep going with your life, just dont shut him out. Flirt with him. Have fun together. Get to know each other. Y'know, like normal relationships are supposed to?

    • He hasn't messaged me since I left on Sunday morning even though he mentioned we should hang out on the weekend and that he would text me. Do I just wait for him to message me?

    • I guess. Wait until Wednesday. If he doesn't say anything, then send a message asking about it

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  • You should mention to him that you're actually looking for someone serious right now and you don't like dating people casually. Anyway, I think you're already doing a good job.